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Founded by Adebayo Bolaji in 2009.

A collaboration of actors, musicians, writers... artists of every field creating theatre.
Ex Nihilo is a Latin expression meaning ‘Out of Nothing’.

The creation of Ex Nihilo came when Ade was at the Central School of Speech and Drama. Encouraged by course director, Paul Barker to not just to think like actors but more like practitioners, Ade began to form a group that will essentially look at approaching new ideas and work in a holistic way.

Ex Nihilo is committed to exploring ideas through various forms, be it; spoken word, movement, music or film. We are dedicated to seeing how a combination of these elements can come together theatrically.


A one act play set in contemporary London to a Latin and Jazz score. Centred around two sisters, one of who is trying to find reconciliation with her family, the other trying to find her own identity. The rhythm of the play is driven by poetic words spoken from The Philosophers Bar.
A one act play about two actors who spend the night together rehearsing a play … or do they? This play looks at the connections between men and women and how we define flirtation.

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