A little thought on getting better at acting …

Here’s the thing. Not THE thing (that would be pretty arrogant of me), but A thing.

SO, what do I know about acting so far?

I know that to continuously be a student serves me a lot better, despite what my ego says and wanting to be the one with all the answers in the room. I think this comes from the nature of our industry, you know, the need to prove, to be validated, constantly under the radar. Which, in turn, creates this unintentional need of performance- ‘have something to say’- 'be interesting’ and the biggest one 'LIE’

So, I’m saying… it’s okay to say 'I don’t know’ OR if your ego is not ready to utter those words, then try being quiet.

I seriously mean, being a student to everyone and everything around me. I don’t need to talk about what i know unless someone asks me, or the situation desperately requires it, so.. I can shut up and observe-watch-read-listen. How will that be detrimental to me?? logically, I WILL ONLY GAIN MORE, i will get better, i will have more resources, more 'fuel’ etc etc 

I learned how to give 'generalised answers’ so this came across like I was knowledgeable,you know,  if you know how to word it correctly…but in truth - I knew  'jack sh*t’ about whatever that thing was I was generalising.

Then, I’m learning that (so simple but hard to do) to be the 'dumbest’ person in the room, serves me.  I don’t know if I’ve expressed that properly..anyway-

A good example (my friends will laugh at this), Michael Jackson, arguably one of the best at his craft- would ask numerous performers - how they did this or that, to the point that some would be shocked and think they should be learning from him! Then I thought, if someone at his level (and it was extremely high) would never parade his knowledge, pontificate , talk and talk and talk… but would enquire.. shouldn’t I be doing the same thing?

There’s nothing weak in saying 'I don’t know’ or 'show me’ or 'how do you do that?’ , it will only make you better, and better and better!

Of course there’s a time to put the 'business hat on’ and be smart, 'play the game’ etc…but in terms of really getting better at the craft, if you care about being good at it or when it comes to doing it… I think I will always be a student first.